He is an undeserving prisoner of a very broken reality. The stranger cannot accept any standard answers of why they are the way they are. He sees hypocrisy and sentimentality everywhere and cannot overlook it. The stranger is an individual who cannot accept the explanations that is normally given to him to explain about the workplace, educational system, religion, family, relationships and the mechanism of governments.

The stranger comes from a place that creates only first world problems. One can live a life ever so unspectacular and be so ignorantly blissful. But the stranger chooses to stands outside of the bourgeois life; highly critical of materialism, it’s pinched morality and narrow concerns of money. Clearly, the stranger could have had a more privileged life. Ultimately, the life we all live is a superficial game and he refuses to play it. But for how long? He is a constant wanderer.

In the most extreme way of thinking, the stranger has once thought that we may just be biological matter that is spinning senselessly on a tiny rock in a corner of an indifferent universe. The stranger has (for a very long time now) concluded that life and the people around him can be hollow and even insincere. He has met men and women with many faces. All the while, realizes that the mask he wears is one as well.

While our lives can be absurd in the grandest of schemes, the stranger has seen light in the end of a very hollow tunnel. He resist utter hopelessness or nihilism and argues that we have to live with a knowledge that what we do will be utter futile; soon forgotten and our species irredeemably corrupt and violent. And yet, we should endure nevertheless. The stranger reminds us we should cope as well as can while accepting this absurd background. Even, triumph over the constant possibility of hopelessness. That is his purpose in this world.

Perhaps, there is a stranger in all of us. A stranger who pretends to be a part of the fabric of society but in reality, walks alone. The stranger reminds everyone that life can be worth enduring. And in turn, he lives life with full of intensity and wisdom. Once an individual realizes that life is absurd, one will perhaps be on the verge of despair. The stranger would otherwise live life more intensely; ever so committed to it’s pleasures. The stranger sees life as a lucid invitation to create beautiful things in the midst of bleakness. He is a great champion of the warmth of the sun, freshness of the clear waters, the richness of cultures and the gorgeous bodies of beautiful beings. The stranger’s philosophy: it is okay to feel that everything is a little hopeless but still live life delightfully and perhaps ironically.

Inspired by the works of Albert Camus.

One thought on “The Stranger

  1. Perhaps meaninglessness is good. What if the inherent meaning to life were something we didn’t like? Meaninglessness gives us an opportunity to make define life and our selves freely.

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