The cafe is an early riser as it starts to operate while the world is still asleep. Four in the morning seems too early, even for the birds to wake and carry out their worm hunts. Chairs are put down and tables wiped. Curtains are pulled up so hastily while the first batch of coffee beans is brewed. Making coffee is almost mundane to the unwise but crucial to others. There is a secret in coffee machines, an untold narrative. The hidden world of technicians that made it possible: the thin metal tube fashioned somewhere in industrial Japan, the tiny filter from neighboring South Korea and the pot crafted steadily from a much farther place in exotic Brazil. There is a process, almost an art, that I don’t quite understand. Or at least, unable to comprehend just yet. Perhaps, I belong to the mundane? Still, unwise. But what I do know is that what it produces carries mass parts of the nation’s needs.

As youngsters, we can be curious and careless in our free thought. Now, we take the coffee into stronger consideration of its importance in our daily rituals. When we consume it at the cafe, we start to think about ideas, associations and feelings. Drinking it is an unexpected tool for thinking. We are readier to forgive, to feel love and to dare to hope again. With the songs playing in the background, we can experience extraordinary sounds and symphonies. The songs are usually random. So, we create different worlds for every different songs played. And we accept these worlds like we’ve been living in each of them for a short happy time. Nostalgia catches us like flu.

In the cafe, it is easier to love humanity. Everyone is a stranger here. We can guess the sorrows or happiness that brought them to this place. A student who struggles to memorize a hypothesis for an upcoming exam. A disappointed participant in a meeting regrettably arranged online. A conversationalist strutting her skills in speech for her peers. The sadness and sorrow is not necessarily depressing. Everyone is a little broken. The loneliness we carry about inside us meets with others and is redeemed. Meanwhile, the smiles and happiness we portray becomes an inspiration. Throughout the day, the cafe selflessly continues its task to help us to return to ourselves. Until, the chairs are put back up again for tomorrow. And the following days that come after.

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