As part of my research thesis, I study the anthropology of identity. Broadly speaking, identity is a fluid and transformative element. Even already knowing all that and reading dozens of books from Stuart Hall to Franz Fanon, the concept never ceases to amaze me. While there are many reasons and circumstances that negotiates our identity, it also changes depending on the time of the day. Tonight, I declare myself a writer again, a better writer than any time of the day. In fact, a better writer any day, a year ago. My identity as a writer only seem to choose to manifest when the sun goes to sleep. Perhaps, it’s because of the calm surroundings. Or maybe perhaps, it’s the thought that we only truly take off our inscrutable veil that hides our self during the dark. We always seem to try to find deeper meanings or reasons behind the strange things that we do. One thing that is very sure is that my mind is always clearer during the quiet night. It is as if I told the world to “shut up” and it obeyed. We live in a world of noises but all we really need is just to whisper. Tonight, I restart my blog which have been dormant for about a year or so. My reasons of dormancy:

  • To read more. The more you read, the better writer you become.
  • To allow myself to understand people and the world in different perspectives.
  • To travel more and maybe even backpack from one country to another.
  • To create new ideas and experience different truths.
  • The more likely, general laziness.

Over the past year or so, I’ve experienced so many amazing things, accomplished personal goals and slayed demons. Through these events, I unknowingly changed physically and mentally in such a positive way. Tonight, I start a new chapter of my blog. My reasons to write again:

  • To continue to improve my writing skills and become a consistent writer.
  • To write about the amazing people I’ve met and the perspectives I’ve learned so far.
  • To share stories from my travels.
  • To share the new ideas created and truths discovered.

Check out my new (and lazily made) logo that fits the occasion. I look forward to providing more questions than answers. Welcome!

One thought on “A New Chapter

  1. I’ve just read your through your newer posts after ‘A New Chapter’, and some of the older stuff. It’s pretty clear, your writing is getting better, and your newer posts have more depth to it. Keep it up.

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